September 17, 2006

One, two... three!

With autumn stealthily approaching, knitting fever hit me again. On visiting I came across this pattern for fast and easy (tiny) baby booties, from Jean Jenner. There was no picture, but when I tried it out it proved so super cute that I wanted to try making a pair that would fit my toddler. The first try came out way too big (of course :P) but the final result turned out lovely, don't you think?
I've drawn a pattern for it, using a very helpful (and free downloadable!) knitting font that can be found at Aire River Design, as I find charts much easier to knit from than written instructions. I'll be happy to share the pattern, or swap it for some other nice pattern/link/tip or trick! Just holler if you're interested ;)

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Those shoes are so adorable! It makes me wish that I had an infant girl to make them for. Thank you for posting that photo of the flat shoe. I have tried to make baby booties like that before and could not for the life of me figure out how it is all supposed to come together.