September 26, 2007


My little sister recently gave birth to a little boy, named Flint. That name rang a bell somewhere... Suddenly I remembered the TV-series I watched years ago on German television: Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. I enjoyed it very much, but when I hired a copy of the Walt Disney version sometime after that, I was sorely disappointed: it didn't come close! We're talking 1994 here, no Internet yet, I didn't even own a computer at the time... I knew of no way to get hold of that film. My enthusiasm instantly revived, I did a Google image search for 'Jim Hawkins' and recognised *my* film at once. It proved to be a French/German co-production: Die Schatzinsel (L'ile au trésor). carries it, so I ordered a copy right away. Arrrrr!!!! Anticipating it's arrival with delight, I made this hat for the newborn pirate (here modeled by my sweet and patient DD). It's loosely based on a tutorial at Tomlitoo, but done in fleece instead of paper.
For those of you that love the book and would like to read a few passages: Dead Men Tell No Tales offers the complete novel online for free, and sells tons of delightful pirate goodies too.

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