April 12, 2009

Sweet potato truffles

The Gluten free Easter bunny breads I tried to bake (twice) turned out not pretty enough to blog about, and for comfort I indulged in... making truffles! I've been intrigued by baking with hidden vegetables lately (you know, chocolate beet cake, zucchini muffins, that sort of thing) so when I stumbled upon a recipe for making sweet potato truffles, it kept ringing around my brain; I just HAD to try this! They weren't very hard to make, but coating them evenly with molten chocolate proved a bit tricky. I used candy molds to freeze the batter in because the mixture wouldn't firm up quite as much as I had wanted it to (could be due to slightly tweaking the recipe, but it worked out fine this way too). The recipe is by Ricky of Diet, Dessert ' Dogs .
For a gluten free version (she used spelt flour) I substituted Annalise Roberts' GF cake flour mix, the recipe is found at the Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free Forum .
Wishing you all a happy Easter!

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Ricki said...

Hi Suzy,

Thanks so much for trying these, and glad you liked them! I agree that the GF flour may have made a difference. But when I make truffles, I usually have to freeze the filling, too, as it's not quite firm enough to stand up to melted chocolate! Yours look lovely, though. :)