August 19, 2006

Cloth diapers for Miepie

As our toddler is very verbal, she's quite capable of telling me what she desires.
Her doll Miepie should have a bathrobe just like hers (so I made her one) a bunting (she got it) and now she needed: diapers.
It is very amusing (and sometimes confronting) to observe my girl playing with her Miepie, she so closely imitates my doings.
For the diaper pattern I somewhat followed the tutorial at
I found this to be a very helpful site, with all kinds of good advice on AP, so I put it in with my favorite links right away!
At Heike's site there are lots of links to more doll clothes patterns to be found (this site is in German).

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Heike said...

Hi Suzy,

thank you very much for the link!