August 27, 2006

Yay for recycling!

July was hot, August has been cold and wet. Luckily this came back from the cleaner's last week: a little princess seam winter coat I made for my girl.
At first I wasn't so sure designing and sewing a real coat, collar, lining, neat buttonholes etc. would work out, so I figured I'd start by cutting up a blue wool trenchcoat I picked up at the thrift store (a little yucky, so I took it to the cleaner's immediately after I finished it :oP)
What got me all inspired to give the whole project a try was an illustrated work-in-progress report I saw at Natron & Soda's site, where Soda creates a gorgeous pink winter coat.
Following her example, I used an existing pattern (my BF came home one day with a pile of old sewing magazines he'd found when taking out the trash) for getting the sleeves and shoulder parts the right size. And you know what, it wasn't really difficult, (meaning I didn't have to rip too many seams). OK, the collar is curling a bit odd at one side and the pockets didn't work out so I just skipped them, but my baby LOVES the smiley-buttons, and the rich blue looks fabulous on her. Recycling can be such fun! If you're not into it yet, take a look at Flobberdewotsky and get inspired!

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