November 03, 2006

Crafted foods

Crafted foods have always struck a chord with me somehow. When I found my needles had got completely stuck and all rusty (!) in my old pincushion (which I didn't particularly like but had kept over 20 years) I suddenly realized I most definitely wanted a new one. The kind of pincushion that would not only be good to my pins, but put a smile on my face as well. I found inspiration at Maria Binns' One hour craft, and crafted myself SOME tasty pincushion ;0)
Also check out Becky Veverka's cupcake hat and Cinnamon Cooper's berry tart hat. Want something more healthy? Go marvel at Monika Schåfer's veggies! Yum!!!
EDIT: Just a moment ago I read this sweet and moving article, and my mouth literally fell open at the pictures that go with it: just look at those tea cups!!!

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