September 17, 2006

One, two... three!

With autumn stealthily approaching, knitting fever hit me again. On visiting I came across this pattern for fast and easy (tiny) baby booties, from Jean Jenner. There was no picture, but when I tried it out it proved so super cute that I wanted to try making a pair that would fit my toddler. The first try came out way too big (of course :P) but the final result turned out lovely, don't you think?
I've drawn a pattern for it, using a very helpful (and free downloadable!) knitting font that can be found at Aire River Design, as I find charts much easier to knit from than written instructions. I'll be happy to share the pattern, or swap it for some other nice pattern/link/tip or trick! Just holler if you're interested ;)

September 03, 2006

Consider this:

Setting up and keeping up a website is a time consuming enterprise. Promoting it on the web even more so. Let's say you really put your heart into it, and many hours of your valuable spare time. If you provided your readers with high quality content, and gave them wonderful free stuff to download as well, you'd expect them to be glad, wouldn't you? And just suppose that they are, would you think they'd let you in on it? No they won't! Not even 1 in 1000 visitors makes the effort to let you know they appreciate what you did! So why not be that happy exception and say thanks, or send a pic if you've used somebody's free patterns????!!! One generous lady that has such a high quality content website is Jessica Tromp. She offers countless free knitting charts, patterns, crochet and more. And in addition she helps you out if you're badly in need of knitting help too! So: hooray for Jessica, and all the others that make the internet a wonderful place!!!
The above sweater is done from one of Jessica's hello Kitty knitting charts. Kitty fans: don't miss her adorable hello Kitty felt toy pattern.