October 25, 2006


When reading some posts at the knitting forum on Craftster, I stumbled upon Linda's lovely blog. She posted a link to free pattern drafting software which I went to investigate right away. Knitware Design is offered for free, by a company called Great Knit Designs -and it IS great!!!
The demo version can do almost everything the paid version does, and it's not even limited to a trial period! It comes in three parts: Basics, Sweaters and Skirts & shawls. Installing it was easy, and the program itself is not hard to get going either (nope, never read a manual ;)) The green cardi was done with the Sweater program; Basics lets you design things like doll clothes (of course Miepie needed a cardigan too) and even dog sweaters!!! Enough for now, I have to hurry back to my needles...