February 28, 2009

Oreos? Not!

Why on earth I wanted to bake Oreo cookies in the first place I can't remember. Even my local health food store sells gluten free Oreo-like cookies that taste nice, so why bother? But one way or another, I had my mind set on them. Don't they look lovely in the photograph? That is an illusion, I tell ya. These (being my fifth try already) turned out very soft and crumbly, and although they taste quite good, they . are . definitely . not . it. Having tried three different recipes and messing up twice, once forgetting to add the sugar (those resembled leather) and once one of the flours (that one came out of the oven never firming up, hmmm, I think I'll crumble that into the fresh home made ice cream I'm planning to make) I declare I have given up on trying to bake gluten free Oreos :-(
That is unless some enlightened soul directs me to a recipe that works, without rice flour being the main ingredient (I strongly dislike the taste of too much rice flour).
What did work was the recipe for the filling, by the way. It is by LindseyKay on Recipezaar. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that site!!!
EDIT EDIT EDIT: Ooooh! How could I have overlooked this recipe?! I love Kate's blog!