May 01, 2008

Present for a baby boy

This is what baby shower present you're bound to get when your parents named you Rafaƫl... Although the final result is OK, this wasn't one of my most successful projects :-(
At first I cut out the pattern pieces for a little shirt, but I ruined them at once by trying to sew on those fleece wings with my sewing machine. Both fabrics stretching in all directions of course, why on earth did I think I could pull that off? Running out of time, I bought a ready made onesie, and started anew. I stitched the fleece wings onto fusible interfacing, medium quality, and then zig-zagged the black lines on. That was a time consuming enterprise, argh! That done, I cut them out carefully, ironed the wings onto the onesie and zig-zagged once more around them. When I finished it, it occurred to me that I could just as well have painted the wings on with fabric paint. Oh well...