April 30, 2009

Delightful kids crafts

These measure only 1,5 inches and were such fun to make! The idea came from Making Friends.com, where all kinds of delightful crafting projects for kids (and their parents) can be found. Originally it called for wooden spools and beads, which I didn't have, but luckily paper beads are easy and quick to make. Just roll up narrow strips of (black) paper with some glue brushed on. There's a clear tutorial on this at: www.tappi.org .

April 12, 2009

Sweet potato truffles

The Gluten free Easter bunny breads I tried to bake (twice) turned out not pretty enough to blog about, and for comfort I indulged in... making truffles! I've been intrigued by baking with hidden vegetables lately (you know, chocolate beet cake, zucchini muffins, that sort of thing) so when I stumbled upon a recipe for making sweet potato truffles, it kept ringing around my brain; I just HAD to try this! They weren't very hard to make, but coating them evenly with molten chocolate proved a bit tricky. I used candy molds to freeze the batter in because the mixture wouldn't firm up quite as much as I had wanted it to (could be due to slightly tweaking the recipe, but it worked out fine this way too). The recipe is by Ricky of Diet, Dessert ' Dogs .
For a gluten free version (she used spelt flour) I substituted Annalise Roberts' GF cake flour mix, the recipe is found at the Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free Forum .
Wishing you all a happy Easter!