November 22, 2006

Oink oink!

Why is it that a woman never seems to have enough shoes? Strangely, ever since I have become a mother, my shoe-hunger seems to have shifted to wanting to make/buy shoes for my daughter all the time. Luckily she needs new ones ever so often, as she is still growing very fast. These fleece slippers I finished yesterday. Made from scraps, using a superb (and free!!!) pattern by Ohelene.
Thanks Ohelene! My girl is very happy with her new slippers!
For those of you that 'suffer' from the same syndrome, there's more links to free and cute baby shoe patterns at Laurie's Old school Acres.

November 09, 2006

Pretty in purple

This little cap and shirt I finished yesterday. I sent it to a friend who got a beautiful and really tiny daughter last week. She was born two weeks early and so she is a real featherweight. Luckily they're out of the hospital now and doing fine. If you want to sew something for a preemie (or a tiny newborn), here's a bunch of links to charity sites with great patterns: Offers a good Preemie Size Chart. Has lovely patterns, and a handy Knitting Needle Conversion Chart.
Barbara Wampler's BWcharitycreations Holds a pattern for a romper, and an open-front shirt. Sweet preemie sleeper pattern. Lots of knitting & crochet patterns & links.

November 03, 2006

Crafted foods

Crafted foods have always struck a chord with me somehow. When I found my needles had got completely stuck and all rusty (!) in my old pincushion (which I didn't particularly like but had kept over 20 years) I suddenly realized I most definitely wanted a new one. The kind of pincushion that would not only be good to my pins, but put a smile on my face as well. I found inspiration at Maria Binns' One hour craft, and crafted myself SOME tasty pincushion ;0)
Also check out Becky Veverka's cupcake hat and Cinnamon Cooper's berry tart hat. Want something more healthy? Go marvel at Monika Schåfer's veggies! Yum!!!
EDIT: Just a moment ago I read this sweet and moving article, and my mouth literally fell open at the pictures that go with it: just look at those tea cups!!!