February 15, 2007

Kitten paws

Yes, these took f o r e v e r to finish, I know. Not because of this wonderful free pattern by Kristina, but because I had my stubborn mind set on using this fluffy, hairy yarn that would make them look especially kitten-like (or so I imagined). Arrrrgh!! That yarn was EVIL! There was no way to tell the wrapped from the unwrapped stitches, it was even ever so hard to distinguish purled and knit stitches from one another. And impossible to count the rows too. As I'm a severe case of baby-brain at the moment, I kept losing track of how many stitches I'd done, and had to start over again, and again, and again.... But: I love the pattern, and the seamless tips are nice and soft for warming tiny hands. You should be able to do these in a few hours, if you use kind, manageable yarn that is :))
EDIT: Kristina's site has moved here.