May 09, 2012

She's off...

Time goes by so fast... In the blink of an eye she's already gone off to explore new horizons! Leaving her mom feeling more than a little ambivalent and with not that much to say. Unabashed by the significance of her milestone and with help of her 'big' sister she worked enthusiastically on preparing farewell treats for her friends in kindergarten. The idea for the astronaut is from where many a delightful project for a rainy day can be found. Instead of using salt dough for the mound, we made our little adventurers stand on chocolate chip cookies, sticking in the flagpoles when the cookies came right out of the oven and hadn't firmed up yet. The recipe for the gluten free CC cookies is found at, but at the moment that site seems to be down, so I'll edit this post later to add the link.
EDIT: this was the recipe I used

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